Opening a hotel or a restaurant is filled with tasks or series of steps which need to be followed. Having a guide is very critical so that you do not miss out on any critical step in the rush of opening the hotel. The guides are a checklist which you can use as a starting point before you further customize it for your operation 


The Standard operating procedures can be a difficult task to do specially during the opening phase. With so many moving parts, it can be time consuming to sit in front of a computer when you have other tasks at hand. Use these templates as a starting point for all your operating procedures. Customize it to your requirement if you feel the need for changing it. 


Want to purchase operational items for your hotel but don't know where to start. Or you want tools to help you with your operational hotel. This section has resources to help you find vendors, resources to make marketing plans and control cost. 



How to write a Marketing Plan for your hotel

Running a successful hotel is quite difficult and complex process. Gone are the times when the saying ” Build it and they will come ” was true. In the face of intense competition, it is very important to write a marketing plan for your hotel. A marketing plan is different from the business plan. A…

Demystifying the various hotel jargon

ARR, RevPAR, APC, 86, IRR…. Does these hotel jargon have your head spinning.  If you are a seasoned hotelier , I am sure you have heard all of these. However if you are a first time hotelier or restaurateur, I am sure all this will sound like Greek and Latin to you. If you have…

The PR guide to successfully promote your restaurant

Are you a looking to successfully promote your restaurant using PR. While you could hire an agency to do all the task, sometimes you might not be able to hire one due to budget constraints. However this guide should help you to successfully manage most of the stakeholders and create a win for your restaurant….

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